Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh Mr.Ryan, What have they done to your head?

It really makes me wonder. Oh my, how the mighty have fallen from grace. There was once upon a time when B.J. Ryan was a dominant and intimidating closer who baffled hitters with ease. He was once without a doubt one of the most sought after pitchers in the world. So what has changed him from his former self into this ten million dollar joke of a mop up man? First off, just from watching him he just looks like a different pitcher, long gone are his golden locks and his fast paced pitching routine when he would finish a whole inning within seemingly record time time. Statistically his stats also suggest that he is a different pitcher now. In 2006 he had a 1.37 ERA with a career best 38 saves. In 2009 he has a 5.20 ERA and 2 saves as of July 4th. If a betting man had to bet on as to why The Mighty B.J. has fallen, they would place their money on his Tommy John Injury riddled 2008 season. Many fans would suggest that the Jays should drop their former closer and his 10 million dollar salary but with another year left on his contract it looks like Rodgers is to cheap to pay him to sit at home. The only realistic option would be to option him to AAA and give someone else a tryout. Perhaps place Brad Mills in the Bullpen as he was a former reliever in college. This would allow him to get major league experience and also work closely with Brad Arnsberg. If there was ever a time for B.J. Ryan to return to his former self the time is now. The Jays desperately need some one to strengthen their thin and fragile bullpen.

Sadly, now when Ryan trots out of the Bullpen the opposition instead of thinking "oh no we are fucked" they now think "OK boys, time to pad the stats".

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