Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Star Hang Over

God bless the All-Star break. For a few days many of us loyal Jays fans were glad to see a break in the Jays schedule. Not only were we all saved from many potential walk off defeats at the hands of our division rivals, we didn't even have to watch David Dellucci look lost at the plate. What we did get to see though was a great performance from the true stars of the game including our own Aaron Hill and our current ace Roy Halladay. How awesome is it that two of the starters on the AL team were Blue Jays?

Even if your a so called "hater" of the All Star festivities, you can't deny that it couldn't have come at a better time for the Jays. Before the All Star break the Jays looked completely lost and helpless as they were swept by the Rays and some how managed to lose two of three to the lowly Orioles. The Tampa Bay games were extremely heart wrenching as the Jays faltered in the later innings. The two losses to the Orioles weren't nearly as painful as the Jays just looked like the lesser of the two teams.

Something to look for after the break would be for Travis Snider to be called back up and thrown into the fire. As long as his back is healthy he could really grow from spending the rest of the year with the big club. Before he was sent down his numbers were still better than what his numerous replacements were able to put up. Wasting at bats on Dellucci is getting this team no where.

The number one reason to really care about what this team does after the All Star break would be how the ongoing Roy Halladay Trade Saga works out. It's hard to say if this team will try to be sellers at this years trade deadline but if they did then they would have many teams knocking on their door. If the Jays were truly committed to rebuilding then they would try to get something for guys such as Rolen, Scutaro and maybe even McDonald.

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  1. And one might have thought it would have been a quiet week in Blue Jay land.