Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey We Suck But We'll Take It!

Ladies and Gentlemen congratulations the TORONTO BLUE JAYS have taken 1 out of three against the WORST team in baseball. I'd like to take the time to point out a few upsides to this game. #1 Toronto will not become the first team in 2009 to be swept by the Nationals. Well I'd like to elaborate on the positives but then I'd just be regurgitating all the bullshit spewed by Jamie Campbell this afternoon. This is really quite an embarrassing performance by a so-called professional American league team. June was supposed to be the month to CHANGE all of HISTORY. Let's just put it this way, if the Jays sweep the defending champs then the WORST team in baseball, there might be a possibility that J.P. (in all his wisdom) would make a move to alter this team's 0 for 16 batting average with bases loaded during the latest road trip. The Philadelphia sweep left me salivating at the mouth for this team. After a pitiful preform ace against the MIGHTY NATS well lets just say this team is NOT for real. Don't get me wrong there is a ton of good player here but there is also a minor group of salary sucking disappointments who are dragging this team down. Is it time to write "THIS SHIP IS SINKING" on the club house scoreboard? After this performance i can't think of a better thing to do. Also may i suggest a prime candidate? Shea Hillenbrand would be more than happy to oblige.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where have you been Russ?

Welcome back Russ Adams! The Toronto Blue Jays have optioned Joe Inglett to Triple-A Las Vegas and have recalled our "buddy" Russ "keep your eye on the ball" Adams. This news shouldn't be all that shocking since Joe Inglett hit just .167 with one RBI since being called up on May 22. What is surprising is that it was Adams who was called up and not David Dellucci. The good news is that the Jays have not given up on their former first rounder who showed so much promise earlier in his career. Hopefully this will be Russ's final call up and will eventually stick with the team. I mean it's hard not to like the guy, even after many of his embarrassing defensive meltdowns. One thing that this guy knows how to do well is hit. He hasn't had much success during his stints in the majors. His best year was 2005 when he hit .256 with 8 home runs and 63 RBIs in 139 games. This is his chance to show Jays fans why in 2002 J.P. Ricciardi picked him ahead of the likes of Scott Kazmir, Nick Swisher, Cole Hamels, Matt Cain and yes even ahead of Canadian Joey Votto.
In other news, Vernon Wells finally broke his home run drought today by hitting one against Washington. Then after that he proceeded to show his sloppy defense in center field

Thursday, June 18, 2009


He's back baby, and its about time. With no other choices left Cito put Accardo in where others had failed. Not only did Accardo save the 1 run lead, he looked good doing it. Here's hoping that Accardo will be officially annouced as our new beloved closer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Damn Injury Bug Bites Back!

This season started out with a big "IF", well it looks like we are going to have our October postseason dreams be decimated by injuries once again "IF" our pitchers can't stay healthy. Although any seasoned blue jay fan will tell you that they have grown accustomed to this as these types of circumstances arise year in and year out. I suppose injuries aren't all that bad i mean if we had Marcum and McGowan to start the season we wouldn't have been able to see what kind of stuff your younger pitching staff has. It has been a treat to watch young pitchers such as Romero, Cecil and now word has it that we will see Mills make appearance shortly. I think "throwing these guys into the fire" will be beneficial to their development as they will have this experience to lean on. This year was supposed to be devoted to developing players for 2010 anyways. Just having these guys around pitchers like Doc can only help them in the long run. If there was anything that J.P. could brag about, it would definently be the wealth of quality pitchers that have established themselves on this team today and eventually in the future.

Also does anyone honestly know what it going on with Accardo, cause i'm still left in the dark? I'm really starting to wonder why he isn't on the team. With the injury to Downs there is a good chance that we might see him make an appearance shortly UNLESS they move Janssen back to the bullpen.

I am thankful our positional players have been able to stay mostly healthy. I am sure there will be some scapes and bruises throught the season but so far everything is good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Report Cards Thus Far

The time has come for some reports cards to be handed out as we are inch closer and closer to the midway point of the season. Of course i can't grade players that have spent large amounts of time on the D.L. so i'll have to leave them out for now. I will also have to leave out Accardo since no one really knows what seems to be going on with him but i wish him the best of course. Of course im interested in your comments on how I did.


Shawn Camp = B (has provided many mop-up innings)
Jesse Carlson = C- (What happened to this guy?)
Scott Downs = A- (Has been clutch in securing closer role)
Jason Fraser= B+ (Has he picked it up or what?)
Roy Halladay = A+ (No words will suffice)
Casey Janssen = D (Really hasn't caught on ...yet)
Brandon League = B+ (Returned to form this year)
Scott Richmond = B (tough call on this guy, how about "unconsistent"?)
Rickey Romero = A- (He showed why J.P. picked him in the first round)
B.J. Ryan = D+ (What happened to you B.J.?)
Brian Tallet = A- (I can't say enough about this guy)


Rod Barajas = B+ (Has been exceptional with the young pitchers)
Raul Chavez = B- (Haven't really seen enough of this guy yet to decide)


Jose Bautista = C+ (He has been O.K. so far)
Aaron Hill = A (Has become a premier player in the AL this year)
John Macdonald = B (Has played great... when he gets a chance)
Kevin Millar = C+ (Really needs to pick it up in the second half)
Lyle Overbay = A- (Mr. Consistency far)
Scott Rolen = A- (Gold glove at third and scotty on the spot with doubles)
Marco Scutaro = A (Where did this guy come from?)


Joe Inglett = C (Just has not been good enough in his brief stint so far)
Alex Rios = C+ (Could Alex be turning his season around after the "incident"?)
Vernon Wells = D (Has been nothing but terrible)
Adam Lind = A (Has become an impact player with his play this year)

In summary this team has left many of their fans wondering if they are the real deal or if they will end up competing for last place with the Orioles. Got any ideas? leave a comment

The Dellucci Factor

Today I’ve decided to look a little deeper into the acquisition of David Dellucci. The glass half full approach would be to look at his 2005 season in which he mashed 29 homers and 65 RBIs. He may also bring some stability to the outfield and push either Wells or Rios but I doubted. The only real good thing that I can get out of this is that he may bridge the gap for Snider returning next year. Now the Jays may not be pushing to rush Snider back before he is ready. Also why is Vernon Wells still holding the four spot? I mean before Snider was sent down, he was playing better than how Wells is playing now. There is absolutely no way that Wells will be, or could be moved but here’s hoping that he breaks out of this God awful slump sooner rather than later. HAVE NO FEAR, DELLUCCI IS HERE!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Making House Calls

Wow the good Doctor was making house calls tonight. Looks like he brought his medicine and Senoir Gaston let him use it. Give Gaston credit where credit is due. I'd be nervous about leaving my ace in after he has already thrown 100 pitches. In the end he got through it with 133 pitches thrown and with only 4 runs allowed. I'm beggining to ask myself if Roy is the best pitcher of his generation. I mean the stats speak for themselves. I doubt that he'll hit 300 wins, but hey ANYTHING is possible with this guy. Another question I have is, what in the hell has Jeremy Accardo done? He went from being a stud closer to being stranded in AAA. I hope he gets called up soon. God knows the bullpen needs him.