Monday, June 15, 2009

Report Cards Thus Far

The time has come for some reports cards to be handed out as we are inch closer and closer to the midway point of the season. Of course i can't grade players that have spent large amounts of time on the D.L. so i'll have to leave them out for now. I will also have to leave out Accardo since no one really knows what seems to be going on with him but i wish him the best of course. Of course im interested in your comments on how I did.


Shawn Camp = B (has provided many mop-up innings)
Jesse Carlson = C- (What happened to this guy?)
Scott Downs = A- (Has been clutch in securing closer role)
Jason Fraser= B+ (Has he picked it up or what?)
Roy Halladay = A+ (No words will suffice)
Casey Janssen = D (Really hasn't caught on ...yet)
Brandon League = B+ (Returned to form this year)
Scott Richmond = B (tough call on this guy, how about "unconsistent"?)
Rickey Romero = A- (He showed why J.P. picked him in the first round)
B.J. Ryan = D+ (What happened to you B.J.?)
Brian Tallet = A- (I can't say enough about this guy)


Rod Barajas = B+ (Has been exceptional with the young pitchers)
Raul Chavez = B- (Haven't really seen enough of this guy yet to decide)


Jose Bautista = C+ (He has been O.K. so far)
Aaron Hill = A (Has become a premier player in the AL this year)
John Macdonald = B (Has played great... when he gets a chance)
Kevin Millar = C+ (Really needs to pick it up in the second half)
Lyle Overbay = A- (Mr. Consistency far)
Scott Rolen = A- (Gold glove at third and scotty on the spot with doubles)
Marco Scutaro = A (Where did this guy come from?)


Joe Inglett = C (Just has not been good enough in his brief stint so far)
Alex Rios = C+ (Could Alex be turning his season around after the "incident"?)
Vernon Wells = D (Has been nothing but terrible)
Adam Lind = A (Has become an impact player with his play this year)

In summary this team has left many of their fans wondering if they are the real deal or if they will end up competing for last place with the Orioles. Got any ideas? leave a comment


  1. I'm surprised that Tampa Bay has snuck up out of nowhere, and now the Jays are tied for third place. So long as the Jays can hover around .500 at the All-Star break, they'll be in good shape to make a run in July/August.

  2. Im really hoping that Doc doesn't miss more than three starts, he really saves the bullpen guy's arms. Plus it seems like the jays always make a push at the start of august.

  3. Marco Who?-taro definitely gets the "most improved" award for coming out of nowhere at his age.