Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Damn Injury Bug Bites Back!

This season started out with a big "IF", well it looks like we are going to have our October postseason dreams be decimated by injuries once again "IF" our pitchers can't stay healthy. Although any seasoned blue jay fan will tell you that they have grown accustomed to this as these types of circumstances arise year in and year out. I suppose injuries aren't all that bad i mean if we had Marcum and McGowan to start the season we wouldn't have been able to see what kind of stuff your younger pitching staff has. It has been a treat to watch young pitchers such as Romero, Cecil and now word has it that we will see Mills make appearance shortly. I think "throwing these guys into the fire" will be beneficial to their development as they will have this experience to lean on. This year was supposed to be devoted to developing players for 2010 anyways. Just having these guys around pitchers like Doc can only help them in the long run. If there was anything that J.P. could brag about, it would definently be the wealth of quality pitchers that have established themselves on this team today and eventually in the future.

Also does anyone honestly know what it going on with Accardo, cause i'm still left in the dark? I'm really starting to wonder why he isn't on the team. With the injury to Downs there is a good chance that we might see him make an appearance shortly UNLESS they move Janssen back to the bullpen.

I am thankful our positional players have been able to stay mostly healthy. I am sure there will be some scapes and bruises throught the season but so far everything is good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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