Friday, July 24, 2009

Roy Halladay Will Rip Your Heart Out!

Recently i have been spending many restless nights worrying about Ol'Roy leaving us too soon. I haven't been able to properly describe my feeling in words until now. People say a picture is worth a thousand words, well a video must be worth a million.

I hope this helps you

Because it just made it worse for me

Friday, July 17, 2009

Today's Pitching Match Up


Here is a reason to get excited about Blue Jays baseball again! A pitching match up to die for, "The Bloody Battle of the Young Guns".

Today's Pitching Matchups

Coming out of the Red Corner, weighing in at a slim 190 pounds, making his 2009 debut, the

pride of Nederland Texas, I give you Clay "The Real Deal" Buchholz!

And pitching out of the Blue Corner, with a respectable record of 7 wins and 3 losses, 3 losses

coming by way of little run support, I give you Ricky "The Rookie" Romero!

Well slap my ass and call me Judy!

Oh yeah, the Red Sox will also be in Toronto this weekend too. Newly "American" Jason Bay will be fashioning his shiny new dual citizenship passport all around for everyone to see but please everyone, please Do Not boo this guy. If i could get my hands on dual citizenship I would do the exact same thing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Star Hang Over

God bless the All-Star break. For a few days many of us loyal Jays fans were glad to see a break in the Jays schedule. Not only were we all saved from many potential walk off defeats at the hands of our division rivals, we didn't even have to watch David Dellucci look lost at the plate. What we did get to see though was a great performance from the true stars of the game including our own Aaron Hill and our current ace Roy Halladay. How awesome is it that two of the starters on the AL team were Blue Jays?

Even if your a so called "hater" of the All Star festivities, you can't deny that it couldn't have come at a better time for the Jays. Before the All Star break the Jays looked completely lost and helpless as they were swept by the Rays and some how managed to lose two of three to the lowly Orioles. The Tampa Bay games were extremely heart wrenching as the Jays faltered in the later innings. The two losses to the Orioles weren't nearly as painful as the Jays just looked like the lesser of the two teams.

Something to look for after the break would be for Travis Snider to be called back up and thrown into the fire. As long as his back is healthy he could really grow from spending the rest of the year with the big club. Before he was sent down his numbers were still better than what his numerous replacements were able to put up. Wasting at bats on Dellucci is getting this team no where.

The number one reason to really care about what this team does after the All Star break would be how the ongoing Roy Halladay Trade Saga works out. It's hard to say if this team will try to be sellers at this years trade deadline but if they did then they would have many teams knocking on their door. If the Jays were truly committed to rebuilding then they would try to get something for guys such as Rolen, Scutaro and maybe even McDonald.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tell Me It Ain't So!

A lot of things can happen in a week. Since my last post the Jays have made three season defining actions. One being that they have all but officially dropped out of the playoff race and have dropped back to earth after their scorching start. Number two, J.P. has finally sucked it up and released the underachieving B.J. Ryan. The most disturbing piece of news was that J.P. has admitted to be openly shopping "Franchise Cornerstone" Roy Halladay. Just the thought of it makes me shudder. This is the stuff that nightmare and long sleepless nights are made of.

In reality there should be nothing surprising about any of this news though. Eventually the love affair between Doc Halladay and Toronto had to end as he is a winner and the Jays have proven over the last 15 years that they are not.

Sadly I was one of the people who bought into the idea of 2010 being the year that the Jays had a serious chance to contend in the AL East. Now i am buying into the Idea that if Toronto were to trade Doc then they would hopefully be able to restock their minor league system with some strong prospects. Not only would that make the Jays legit contenders in the near future it would also allow Toronto to cheer for a team in October as it is likely that a contender would be willing to part with more prospects than a non contending team would.

Although the best team for Halladay has to be Toronto. It would be interesting to see him play in a market like Philadelphia or Colorado. Colorado would be more fitting as Halladay is from that area and the "Original Doc Halladay" is buried there.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh Mr.Ryan, What have they done to your head?

It really makes me wonder. Oh my, how the mighty have fallen from grace. There was once upon a time when B.J. Ryan was a dominant and intimidating closer who baffled hitters with ease. He was once without a doubt one of the most sought after pitchers in the world. So what has changed him from his former self into this ten million dollar joke of a mop up man? First off, just from watching him he just looks like a different pitcher, long gone are his golden locks and his fast paced pitching routine when he would finish a whole inning within seemingly record time time. Statistically his stats also suggest that he is a different pitcher now. In 2006 he had a 1.37 ERA with a career best 38 saves. In 2009 he has a 5.20 ERA and 2 saves as of July 4th. If a betting man had to bet on as to why The Mighty B.J. has fallen, they would place their money on his Tommy John Injury riddled 2008 season. Many fans would suggest that the Jays should drop their former closer and his 10 million dollar salary but with another year left on his contract it looks like Rodgers is to cheap to pay him to sit at home. The only realistic option would be to option him to AAA and give someone else a tryout. Perhaps place Brad Mills in the Bullpen as he was a former reliever in college. This would allow him to get major league experience and also work closely with Brad Arnsberg. If there was ever a time for B.J. Ryan to return to his former self the time is now. The Jays desperately need some one to strengthen their thin and fragile bullpen.

Sadly, now when Ryan trots out of the Bullpen the opposition instead of thinking "oh no we are fucked" they now think "OK boys, time to pad the stats".

Friday, July 3, 2009

Into Left Field

As Vernon Wells continues to struggle at the plate this year there may be a case to experiment with moving him to left field. The chances of this affecting his play at the plate may not be obvious at first, and it probably shouldn't be obvious. After watching the Yankees and Jays game on Friday I look at Johnny Damon who recently has switched to left field after playing most of his career in center field. Although it may not be fair to compare the two players as they are very different in how they play the game. Wells was a Gold Glove center fielder in the prime of his career and is still very capable in center field. Damon was never as capable in the field as Wells. Both players are more than capable at the plate, both have good contact bats and great power. Although Damon has more career home runs he also has played 15 seasons to Wells's 11 seasons. Currently Wells's has a better career slugging percentage at .474 compared to Damon's .438. The similarities are there but the option isn't. At this point there is no one in the Jays system that is superior to Wells's play in center field. This idea has been brought up many times by many people before and will continue until it is finally put to rest. The prospect of Wells playing left field is intriguing but with the Jays outfield already crowded it seems like a very unlikely one.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey We Suck But We'll Take It!

Ladies and Gentlemen congratulations the TORONTO BLUE JAYS have taken 1 out of three against the WORST team in baseball. I'd like to take the time to point out a few upsides to this game. #1 Toronto will not become the first team in 2009 to be swept by the Nationals. Well I'd like to elaborate on the positives but then I'd just be regurgitating all the bullshit spewed by Jamie Campbell this afternoon. This is really quite an embarrassing performance by a so-called professional American league team. June was supposed to be the month to CHANGE all of HISTORY. Let's just put it this way, if the Jays sweep the defending champs then the WORST team in baseball, there might be a possibility that J.P. (in all his wisdom) would make a move to alter this team's 0 for 16 batting average with bases loaded during the latest road trip. The Philadelphia sweep left me salivating at the mouth for this team. After a pitiful preform ace against the MIGHTY NATS well lets just say this team is NOT for real. Don't get me wrong there is a ton of good player here but there is also a minor group of salary sucking disappointments who are dragging this team down. Is it time to write "THIS SHIP IS SINKING" on the club house scoreboard? After this performance i can't think of a better thing to do. Also may i suggest a prime candidate? Shea Hillenbrand would be more than happy to oblige.