Friday, May 22, 2009

Bandwagon anyone?

I know, i know that we're only 44 games into this young season but WOW! If anyone said that they had seen the jays emergance coming this season, feel free to call them a liar. Im very impressed with what this team has been able to accomplish thus far. The biggest suprise to me has been the instant success from Lind and Hill on the offence and Romero and Tallet on the pitching side. It seems as though Aaron Hill has crawled back from the dead after an injury filled 2008 campaign. I wouldnt hesitate to call him one of the best all around second basemen in the majors today. What boggles my mind is, what did Scutaro do in the offseason? When J.P. signed this guy a few years ago i was under the impression that he was supposed to be a utility guy and an injury fill in. This season he has single handedly solved the bluejay's woes at the shortstop position. But what about Justin Jackson you ask? Well from what i've heard, he's still a few years away from seeing any time in the major leagues. Could this mean that J.P has finally shut his constant revolving door at SS? Well hold your breath on that one folks. Its been a gas thus far tho.

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