Friday, May 22, 2009

Are you f-ing kidding me? Four hits in 9 innings? Once again we were forced to sit and watch the jays throw away another pitching Gem from Roy Halladay. Its almost as if the jays jumped into a time machine and travelled back to 2008. Next time someone's at a game make sure you let the players know that they are playing for Cito "F-ing" Gaston and not John Gibbons. Im still baffled as to why they sent Snider down and not Wells or Rios. I mean at least Snider hustles. It may not be much but it gets other players moving. Im kinda hoping (well dreaming) that the Jays can unload Well's mammoth contract at the trade deadline or even this offseason. Yet there is HOPE! Maybe just maybe Snider will be able to get his timing back in AAA, until then Hill will have to continue to carry all the dead weight on his back.

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